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The Domaine d’Espérance, located 90mn South of Bordeaux, in Gascony in the middle of Grand Bas-Armagnac, has been known for its armagnac for a very long time.

Jean-Louis and Claire de Montesquiou bought in 1990 the domain which had been somewhat neglected ; they restored it and started to produce wines, while the armagnac was aging in the old cellars.

The house of the domain is an attractive XVIII century chartreuse, totally renovated but which still retains its charming old features.

To allow people to better enjoy the beauty of the region of Gascony they are so fond of, Jean-Louis and Claire de Montesquiou have restored a former farm cottage on the domain, graded 4 épis-Gîtes de France. Visitors will learn more about the local wine and armagnac production or simply rest, in a quiet, natural and privileged environment in a charming cottage.

In 2001, Claire de Montesquiou also created a Cooking School. Visiting French chefs come and reveal  their  secrets and introduce you to the wonders of the traditional French cuisine.

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Welcome, Tasting, Visit

Tasting & visit are available, on RDV only, with stricts conditions, few people, no group,
mask and hand lotion mandatory.
"on site" buying, with a previous rendez-vous -
Call us on +33(0)5 58 44 85 93

To discover our range of Armagnacs and wines,

Visit our cellars : Open all year round


In Winter - Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings from 8 to 12 pm


In Summer - from July 15th to September 1st

every day from 8 to 12pm and from 2 to 6pm


We can also organize a private visit, just let us know.



Our terroir, known by the sommeliers as "Grand-Bas-Armagnac", is a sandy-clay soil with iron.

These " Fawn Sands " bring unmistakably the fruity marks of the domain’s armagnacs.

The cultural method is traditional with organic fertilizers.Treatments and weed killers are kept to a minimum.



The vineyard extends over more than 45 hectares on the border of Landes and Gers, at Mauvezin d’Armagnac.


  • almost 1/2 of the vineyard is for distillation: Baco 22A, Folle Blanche:

  • more than1/4 of the vineyard is for white wines: Gros-Manseng, Colombard, white Sauvignon; Ugni-Blanc;

  • less than 1/4 is for red and rosé wines: Tannat, Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Cabernet-Franc 


Our Products


  • The ARMAGNAC:  

    • the "5 year old" (VSOP), 

    • the "10 year old" (XO), 

    • the "18 year old",

    • the "Trentième"

    • ​​the millésimes d'Espérance
      A range of single vintage Armagnacs aging in barrels in our cellars  

      • 1990 - 1992 - 1993 - 1994 - 1995 - 1998- 1999 -2000 - 2001

    • The Treasures of d’Artagnan  :

      • Old vintages (before 1990) discovered among neighbour’s cellars​​


    • White Armagnac of the year, not aged in oak.


    • Floc de Gascogne rosé

    • Floc de Gascogne white

  • 4 cuvées WINES :

    • ​Cuvée d'Or : Dry white

    • Cuvée d'Automne : Sweet white

    • Cuvée Rosée

    • Cuvée Rouge


Gîte "Lascannes"

A renovated country farmhouse, rated "4 épis" by Gîtes de France,
called « Lascannes » sleeps 4 and available all year round.



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