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"You old blaggard, I will sup the nectar of your vines should I pass by. Your loyal sire and affectionate friend »
signed "Henry"

So wrote King Henry IV of France who invited himself to taste the excellent wine of his friend Montesquiou. 

Do likewise!

The wines of Domaine d’Espérance are enhanced by the bottle labels drawn by the talented neighbor and friend of Claire’s, the creator Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.



4 WINES:  

  • ​Cuvée d'Or

  • Cuvée d'Automne

  • Cuvée Rosée

  • Cuvée Rouge

2 FLOCS de Gascogne AOC : 

​ .  Floc de Gascogne Rosé

  • Floc de Gascogne Blanc

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- Guide Hachette des vins 2023

Cuvée d'Or 2021, ranked 1*

Cuvée d'Automne 2021, ranked 1*


- Guide Hachette des vins 2020

Cuvée automne 2017ranked 2*

Cuvée rosée 2018, ranked 2*

Cuvée d'or 2018, ranked 2*

- Guide Hachette des Rosés 2020
Cuvée rosée 2018 ranked 2*

"Cuvées" details

The "Cuvée d'Or"

Sauvignon gives freshness and white flowers aromas ;
Gros-Manseng, with its grapefruit aromas gives structure, roundness and lenght to this dry, fruity white wine.

Grape varieties :  55% Sauvignon, 45% Gros Manseng 

Vinification: Low temperature skin contact for one night, lies contact.

Alcool: 11.5% vol  

Preservation :  < + 18° 

Drinking temperature  8 to 9° 

Goes weel with : drinks, white meat, fish


The " Cuvée d'Automne"

The grapes are picked up late from a plot of Gros-Manseng. Very powerful nose with a lot of fruit. Slightly sugary, round with a good lenght in the mouth. This wine is ideal with foie gras.

Grape variety : 100% Gros-Manseng 

Vinification: low temperature skin contact for one night

Alcool: 11%vol 

Preservation: < + 18 

Drinking temperature :  8 to 9° 


Goes well with: drinks, foie-gras or tasty marbled cheese.

The "Cuvée Rosée"

This rosé is light and easy to drink by hot weather. The blend of 2 grape-varieties gives structure and length. Very fruity, its suppleness and its roundness make it an ideal drink for summer meals.

Grape varieties: 50% Cabernet Franc, 50% Cabernet-Sauvignon 

Vinification: At low temperature to keep the aromas of fruits

Alcool: 11%vol.

Preservation : < + 18° 

Drinking temperature : 8 to 9°  

Goes well with:  Drinks, barbecue, salads


The "Cuvée Rouge"

This blend has the smoothness of the Merlot and the Gascon typicity of the Tannat. The tannins are supple: the grapes are provided by old vines . Round and easy to drink.

Grape varieties: 80% Tannat, 20 % Merlot

Vinification: low temperature skin contact for one night

Alcool: 11%vol.

Preservation : < + 18° 

Drinking temperature : 8 to 9°  

Goes well with:  Red meats, barbecues

Flocs de Gascogne

The Floc de Gascogne, a blend of fresh fruit juice and armagnac, is the traditional aperitif of Gascony. You must drink it chilled, before a meal or with a foie-gras, a melon or a chocolate cake.

Born of a Gascon recipe in the XVIth century, the Floc (flower in Occitan) results from the subtle marriage between the charm of the fresh grape juice and the vigor of white Armagnac.

>> The Rosé : the rosé Floc has a nose of blackcurrant and the aromas of Morello cherries and spices. The tannat gives it its aromas of red berries, the Merlot the roundness in the mouth.

Grape varieties: merlot, tannat 

Elaboration : 2/3 of the best grape juices and 1/3 of white Armagnac

Alcool:  16,5% vol

Drinking Temperature : 6 to 8°C 

When to serve: Apéritif, with a melon, with a dessert

>> The white : The white Floc has aromas of violet, rose and honey. 

Colombard brings fine aromas with grapefruit flavors, Ugni-Blanc: freshness and acidity and dry fruits flavors and Sauvignon: roundness.

Grape varieties: Colombard, Ugni Blanc, Sauvignon 

Elaboration: 2/3 the best fruit juices and 1/3 of white armagnac 

Drinking temperature: 6 to 8°C 

When to serve: drinks, foie-gras, melon, dessert 

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