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Armagnacfans visit @domaine_d_esperance

armagnacfans We have to admit that we had always had Domaine d’Espérance (@domaine_d_esperance) on a bit of a pedestal, with a reputation that preceded itself and constant recommendations, so this was always a producer that we were very excited to discover. As part of our #glamourandgumboots tour with @amanda.garnham, as soon as @montesquiouclairede opened the doors and her beautiful dogs shot out to welcome us we suspected that we were in the right place. Then, when she gave us a complete run-down of the grape varietals and referred to Baco as “the rugby player of grapes”: rough, burly, resistant, but sweet at the same time, we had no doubts. When she then said that the order of tasting the Armagnacs and Blanches didn’t matter as long as the quality was a joy to sip…well, we melted! As we walked through the stunning grounds, met a number of the workers, and were introduced to the immaculate range of drinks that they had produced (including the wonders made for @pmspirits), we had a comprehensive explanation of every part of the detail put into the bottling of many of the delights that we now have proudly sitting in our drinks cabinets. Domaine d’Espérance undoubtedly has a name that is deservedly ubiquitous in the region of Bas-Armagnac, highlighted by the fact that it has been served in First Class of Air France flights - another reason to want to fly premium 😂, but what we must take away is the pure attention to detail in producing the perfect wine before distilling: logically you can’t create a good eau-de-vie without first creating a good wine to distill. If anyone is bold enough to argue with that then we will gladly have that discussion! Meeting the legends from and @grapeoftheart was a brilliant bit of icing on the cake of a beautiful few hours. Thanks to all involved! #armagnac #brandy #gascony #spirit #eaudevie

domaine_d_esperance Thank you so much for your nice comments. It was a pleasure to meet such passionate people. Please come back!!!

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