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New Partnership in California and Hawaii, USA

New Partnership in California and Hawaii, USA : between @chamberswines and our US importer @pmspirits. Domaine d'Espérance will be fully represented. " We are delighted to announce our new partnership with PM Spirits! 🎉 With the addition of Calvados, Cognac, Armagnac, Mezcal & Tequila, Chambers & Chambers is proud to provide an unparalleled portfolio of family-owned, authentic spirit producers from France, Mexico, and beyond. "As a portfolio deeply committed to family-owned, best of class producers, PM Spirits was the obvious choice when we sought out a new partner for quality, artisanal spirits in California. We're very excited to welcome Nicolas, his brilliant team and category-leading producers to our portfolio, kicking-off a brand-new era at Chambers & Chambers." - Fellipe Silva | Portfolio Manager, Chambers & Chambers "As an importer, the game is twofold: find great products and find great wholesaler partners to sell said products. Both are equally complicated to come by and one cannot succeed without both. PM feels very fortunate to have crossed paths with the Chambers & Chambers team – motivated and passionate professionals who share our understanding of the small artisan making great products without cutting corners. It is a unique opportunity and a privilege to align ourselves with Chambers & Chambers in California." - Nicolas Palazzi | Owner, PM Spirits Chambers & Chambers will start representing the following producers: • Roger Groult – Calvados, France • Frapin – Cognac, France • Domaine d'Esperance - Bas-Armagnac, France • Château Arton - Haut-Armagnac, France • Cinco Sentidos – Destilado de Agave, Mexico • NETA – Destilado de Agave, Mexico • PM Projects – Tequila, Mexico • Cobrafire – Eau de Vie de Raisin, France • Additional producers will be added in the future!,, #domainedesperance #armagnac #armagnacs #armagnacnews #armagnaclover #basarmagnac #armagnacstyle

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